ToolBox Ministries works directly with local pastors and key leaders in their congregation. Together, we formulate a specific program for men within their church.

We utilize proven tools, strategies and organizations to reach our objectives.

Our four step process:

1. Evaluation - After meeting with our local Pastors and organizations, we assess specific needs. We then satisfy those needs with tools and workshops designed for their specific ministry and congregation. The results are an effective, sustainable men's ministry.

2. Foundational - Prayer, Bible Study and Worship with Pastors and their core leaders.

3. Principles for effective "Ministry" Developing Purpose / Mission Statement, objectives, goals,"How to's, understanding the male context, reconciliation, accountablity, vital relationships and more.

4. Mobilization Planning - Moving moving out to minister, first to their families, the local church and then to the community at large.



ToolBox Ministries partners with vital organizations such as the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries & Iron Sharpens Iron. 

Our Tool Box is ever evolving and constantly finds new resources for strengthening men on their path of following Christ.